By The Grace Of God

By Cortnee Dee

To Gun or Not To Gun…. That Is the Question???

So now that a couple days have passed I really feel that I need to address the Gun Control issue that is going to be running on every news headline for the next 2 months. The right to bare arms is just that a right given to the people of this great nation by our founding fathers. Now with that being said… I know what my liberal and anti-gun counter parts are saying to themselves right now ” cant this girl come up with anything better to say”… well it just so happens I can!!!! I’m going to address just that… I am so tried of hearing from everyone that us Pro-gunners have nothing better to say than:

“Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People”

In fact we Pro Gunners have a lot to say…. Now I’m not trying to change anyone’s thoughts on guns… what I am doing however is giving you understanding of why most of you anti-gunners sound so ignorant when speaking on a matter that most of you have no real idea about.. ( no that was not a jab… so calm down already ) so here we go…

1) Gun are used in mass shootings–  Why yes yes they are, but guns aren’t the only weapon that has been used to kill a large amount of people… Take September 11th, thousands of people died that horrible day, but it wasn’t from a gun it was from planes, and box cutters. What about the Oklahoma City Bombing.. That was fertilizer and other chemicals… Now let me ask you this why are we not trying to ban Planes, Box Cutters, and Fertilizer? There are very sick people in this world and if they really want to hurt people they will do what ever they can to make that happen, with what ever they can get their hands on!

2) Guns don’t kill people, people kill people– I read a story on Facebook one day, in fact it was a picture of a newspaper article. A man put his gun in a wheelchair, and waited all today, when he came out at the end of the day the gun hadn’t moved…. I love this story because it shows that guns are not truly the enemy, people are the enemy… It takes someone pulling the trigger to fire the gun, just as it takes someone thrusting the knife, or building the bomb to cause the damage. So why are people attacking guns? People attack guns because the country craves something to blame… we are a country of excuses, instead of facts.. We blame video games for our kids being violent, well if that’s the case why do you let your kids play video games, or even better why don’t we just ban them! My point is that by banning guns all we are doing is nothing, these people will find another way to accomplish what they are setting out to do!

3) We need stricter gun laws- Hummmmm this one always makes me laugh… i’m talking roll on the floor holding my stomach laugh…. Have you read President Obama’s proposed “stricter gun laws” its a flat out joke….. For one he wants to have universal background checks- okay you would think this would be a great idea right? Yes/No yes because the citizens that obey the laws would do it, and in Colorado for the most part we have. No because the last time I checked I have never seen a criminal in line at the local gun store waiting for his background check, or even buying it from a private seller…. If a criminal wants a gun he/she will get one WITHOUT doing a background check! The next law that our dear President proposed was lowering the magazine count…. when this law first came into effect, there was a big meeting up in Denver where several of Pueblos finest went up… one of our sheriffs held up two magazines and asked the crowd which one had more… not to anyone’s surprise nobody knew, I bring this point up because most mass shootings the assailant is not just carrying one gun, and he has on a vest that is holding multiple magazines in it… so if we lower the count from 17+1 to 10 they will just carry more mags…. But wait Cortnee what about the banana clips that hold 25… I’m telling you if these people want to kill a lot of people they will find a way, because when they have reached this point in their lives they don’t care if they live or die. So having a mag that holds 17+1 or 25 or even 100 their going to do it regardless of what Obama says… think about that one….Now that last point I want to bring up on Obama’s “stricter gun laws” is the the ban on assault style weapons, once again what difference is it going to make, do you all know how many guns come into this country illegally? If I had to guess I would say Hundreds of Thousand…. so if every gun store in this country stopped selling assault rifles, these assailants would be able to get their hands on them anyway through the black market!

I just read a post just a second ago on one of my anti-gunners Facebook page and it said:


Hey look I can do that to…..but I put up statics

Annual-Death-Rate-from-Mass-Public-Shootings-Europe-US Screenshot-6_18_2015-9_43_12-PM

This Facebook post does however bring me to my next point

4) Mental Illness– James Holms, UCC shooter, and the Sandy Hook shooter just to name a few all suffered from mental illness. The guns that they used in these mass attacks were all purchased legally from a gun retailer! Wow Obama how is that universal background check working for you? The fact is that our government should spend the money that they are using to drive this anti-gun/ gun control witch hunt, and put it toward better mental health plans/funding in this country…. most people can not afford to pay for mental health, but if the government figured out how to make it available to the people I bet we just might find a way to bring down the mass shooting rate, with out disarming citizens!

5) Gun Free Zones– This one is my favorite… the reason I say that is because gun free zones are a joke. Almost all mass shooting occur where? Where there is a gun free zone sign! By having that sign up you are saying to this person “hey no one is armed here” imagine what the murder rate would look like if people could have been armed! Our children can’t be protected by people that are armed but our President sure is, really think about that…. what we are saying is that Obama’s life is worth more than our children’s! I’m not saying that every adult on a school campus should be armed (even though I do feel there should be a gun in the office, security should have one, and teachers should have one.. but hey that’s just me) but if there is at lest one gun there would be less blood shed then if there is none!

So with all of that being said President Obama if you want to put restrictions on our gun rights then please disarm your secret service, live in the same fear as us law abiding citizens… put your self out there for the world to see leading by example… when you do this I will then listen to what you have to say on the matter, but until then please at lest do use all a favor and  pitch laws that can be enforced by your local police departments….because the ones you came up with are a joke!



As Always


So in closing I have added more charts and I have put their links at the bottom

GUNS-IN-OTHER-COUNTRIES-Contact-Violent-Crime-Rates-per-Industrialized-Country GUNS-IN-OTHER-COUNTRIES-Firearm-Ownership-and-Homicides-Rates-per-Country GUNS-IN-OTHER-COUNTRIES-Homicide-Rates-for-Top-Ten-Countries-Plus-United-States


Dear Mr. President

Dr. President Obama,

I find your lack of sympathy for the victim of the UCC tragedy disgusting! O sure you talked about it for the first two minutes or so of your speech, but then decided that it was best to talk about your political views on gun violence over the importance of the people that lost their lives today! Today should not be about stricter gun laws or not, it should be a day of mourning and day where Americans from all walks of life come together and lift up a community that is broken beaten and scared. You said in your speech “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” How do you figure a nation praying for a community isn’t enough? No why don’t you for once say what you mean…. you want to discuss gun rights when you should be talking about what is important at that moment, which is the family’s that will go home tonight without their mothers,  fathers,  sons, and daughters. You should be talking about why this person felt the need to commit such a horrific crime…( or here’s an idea how about  better mental health programs) you need to focus on what matters in this moment which is not gun control issues. Such an issue can be discussed in a week, a month, or thank God when your out of office. It’s a funny thing that you can use a tragedy to promote your own political agenda (which by the way you talk about after every tragedy and never seem to accomplish anything), it just shows the kind of president you really are…so when you lay your head down on your pillow tonight I hope that pray for the family’s because unlike how you feel…. IT IS ENOUGH FOR TODAY!!!!


Heart broken American


I am sharing the video if anyone is interested, and please if you feel that I am wrong I would love to have an open discussion…. I however will not discuss any views on gun control  out of respect for the family’s and their community… we can save that discussion for another post!

Digital Overstimulation

The other night I was sitting on my bed catching up on the DVR, and I get this text message from my daughter… now the last time I checked she was in the  house with me, so imagine my surprise that I was receiving a text message. I can’t remember what the message said but I was horrified that she was to lazy to get off her butt and come and talk to me…. My son is even worst… is this my fault as a parent or is this just the world they are growing up in? I really had to sit back and check myself, have I as a mom failed them or have I as mom ignored the fact that my kids have become technology dependent? When I was growing up the internet was just becoming a thing, it was slow and you had to connect through your phone line which meant if you wanted to use the phone to call your boyfriend or girlfriend you and to wait until your parents were done…. and o the noise you remember that noise all the screeching, but now these kids are connecting every which way and can have any information they want with in seconds. For my husband it was even more different ( we are 11yrs apart hehehe =) he says 10 1/2) the internet for him didn’t come around until he was out of high school. In his day you had to go to the library and pull out that really big book and flip through all those pages just to find a small amount of information, you had to use a rotatory phone just to see if your friends were home so you could meet up and play OUTSIDE!!! Not these kids now days, I don’t even think they know how to play with anything other than the gaming console or the tablet.

Technology has become a stable in many homes, it has taken over family time, dinner time, and even play time. Are house is not any different! But to be honest its not just the kids. Parents seem to spend more times on their phones than with their children. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t have my phone within arms reach of me… Do you know how sad this is. Even thinking of unplugging makes me so anxious, I mean full on panic attack MY PHONE IS MY ONLY LINE OF COMMUNICATION to the outside world NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… and of course I don’t want to miss the latest on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram…  these people are all of my best friends…. even though I haven’t seen most of them in like 15 yrs!!!!! Really though what would I miss if I unplugged? I mean we all have an excuses for having our phones attached to are heads… but really think about it would the world end if we missed that phone call, or put away that laptop, or even set down the Ipad. What are we teaching our kids when we tell them hold on while we scroll through our news feeds, or ignore them while we take a selfie of our new hair style, are we showing them that our phones are so much more important then paying attention to them… Now stop giving me that look on your face, I know everyone of you have done this at lest once and didn’t even know you did it. Its okay don’t beat yourself up it happens, but now that know what are you going to do about? I didn’t really realize I was doing this until recently when I noticed that my kids were doing it to me…I would go in to tell my son something and first of all he was on his Xbox, Ipad, and phone at the same time ( now that is talent ) and he would act like I wasn’t even there, can I yell at him for this NO, but guess what I did i yelled my mommy little head off, but where do you think he learned this from, ooo yeah ME! Its time to unplug its time to interact with people not by texting, emailing, Facebooking, Tweeting, and so on by looking them in the face, calling to hear their voice or even sending a smoke signal ( that one might be a little extreme but you get my point) Now  you are probably thinking to yourself but how do I unplug my job depends on it, my kids will get bored, I will miss the draft for my fantasy football team… Its easy put down the phone, walk away from the tablet, turn off the video game console. Its really that simple! That phone call they can leave a message, Facebook its probably about what they had for dinner anyway so its really not that important HOW DID YOU SURVIVE IN THE OLDEN DAYS really!

I read an article ( I put the link at the bottom of this post ) the other day about “the last” it was really interesting because the mother in it was talking about how we celebrate all of the of the “first” when it come to children… the first steps, the first hair cut, their first word…. but what about the lasts… the last time you wash your child’s hair, the last time you walk them across the street, or the last time they want a kiss and hug in public. Our children will have a lot of lasts in their life and do we as parents want to be so consumed by Facebook that you let them pass us by…I cant tell you how many times I have let lasts pass me by because I was on Facebook  or just to busy. I don’t want my kids to be technology obsessed, I don’t want them to have the ability to communicate… I what them to have people skills and know how talk in front of people not just in front of a screen.

So I challenge you put down all the electronics from the time you get home from work to the time the kids go to bed. Spend that time with your children because it wont be to long until they just wont need you anymore.

God Bless


The Beginning Of A New Journey

imageTo me life is nothing but a journey. Sometime the journey is amazing and some time the journey is a rough road that seems never ending, but nevertheless a journey…. I have been on so many journeys in my life, I’m a mother, a wife, a workaholic, and a Jesus girl that sometimes is very lost. Each one of theses roles in my life has made me who I am today, each one has taken me down a different path and I have been forever changed.

This blog is going to be about truth, my truth…. I want this to be a place we’re people can come and read about a girl who struggles, who learns, who is growing everyday… someone who is scared… but rejoices in the end result. I am no different than anyone of you, I am not famous, but I am me. I feel this journey that I am about to imbark on now, is a journey of self acceptance, of finding God (who I have forgot about until recently), becoming a better mother, and a better wife… over the last couple of years I have put everything else above my roles, and because of this I have found myself in a very lonely space…. I have forgot about what is important in life, and for what? I think that’s the million dollar question we all struggle to find. I have blinked and now my children are 10 and 13 and I wish I could go back in time and cherish the moments that I so willing gave up. I want to slow down and breath, I want to wake up every morning and thank God for all the blessing that he has so generously given to me, and I want to live in the moment without worrying about the what tomorrow brings!

So with that I hope you come along on this journey of self discovery with me…. it’s going to be amazing!!!!

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